CES 2011: Motorola Tablet Evolution

Looks like a Honeycomb tablet from a new Motorola will be unveiled at CES 2011. Honeycomb is codename for Google’s first Android operating system designed for tablets. This Motorola ad for CES pokes fun at some of history’s important tablets, but we’ll see who gets the last laugh. I doubt it’ll be Motorola.

iPad 2010 A.D.: It’s like a giant iPhone, but… it’s like a giant iPhone.

Galaxy Tab 2010 A.D.: Android OS, but Android OS… for a phone.

A giant iPhone? I’d say that’s a good thing. The iPhone is considered by many to be the very best smartphone. Just after Motorola unveils its Honeycomb tablet, I’m betting Apple’s new iPad 2 will sting a bit.

Android OS for a phone. Yes, Samsung did jump the gun with the Galaxy Tab with Android 2.2, an operating system geared for smartphones. But, Samsung is already working on the Galaxy Tab 2 slated for a first half of 2011 release.

One last thing.

Tablets of Stone – The Ten Commandments 1440-1500 B.C.: Excellent durability, but zero flexibility (can’t edit).

Thank God it isn’t editable.