HP PalmPad at CES 2011

Fox News:

HP will introduce three models of the PalmPad at CES, with minor hardware differences distinguishing them. All three will run a new iteration of the WebOS operating system, version 2.5.1; they’re collectively a spin-off of the never-released HP Slate.

Specs: 1.25 pounds, USB 3.0, dual cameras (3MP back, 1.3MP front) both with LED flashes, mini HDMI, Sprint 4G, thinner and rounder than the iPad. At least one will have a 9.7-inch display.

Engadget doubts:

Firstly, we’ve heard a number of times that HP wasn’t planning to release a tablet until later in 2011, and to wait this long to simply slap webOS into the HP Slate’s shell seems almost foolish. What’s more, repurposing the Slate means HP either ported webOS to Intel and threw battery life out the window, or completely swapped out the Slate’s Intel-based internals for an ARM chipset without changing the exterior design at all. Needless to say, both options seem like completely inefficient and muddled ways to get a tablet onto the market.

Looking at the new Palm Pre 2 it seems HP might keep things more or less the same: streamline the same external design a bit and reengineer the internals.