Sprint 4G in San Jose, December 28th


The official debut of Sprint 4G is coming to San Francisco, Oakland, San Jose, Silicon Valley and other cities throughout the Bay Area on Dec. 28.

I’m writing this post tethered to my iPhone 4, which is connected to AT&T’s 3G. Works decently, but for $45 per month I am limited to just 2GB of data. I just turned on tethering tonight so I don’t know how soon I’ll burn through 2GB, but I’m thinking it’ll be pretty soon and way before one month is up. It is quite convenient since all I need is my iPhone.

But 4G sure is tempting. If I were to use Sprint I’d be paying 33% more: $60 per month. But the additional $15 gives me a lot more: 5GB of 3G data and unlimited 4G. With Sprint’s 4G I won’t need to worry about going over my data limit.

Early next month I’ll be going to Las Vegas for the Consumer Electronics Show (CES). Unfortunately, AT&T is notorious for having terrible connectivity during CES. I might not be able to connect at all if nothing has improved since CES 2010.

I might have to get Sprint’s 4G, which is already available in Las Vegas. Since AT&T requires a data plan with an iPhone I’d still need to pay $15 per month for 250MB on top of the $60 for Sprint’s 4G. That’s getting a bit expensive, but 10x 3G speeds… is very tempting. The cheap (and slow) way to go during CES would be to turn off 3G on my iPhone and go 2G, which should probably work.