ViewSonic G Tablet: Lots of Returns Because of Sluggish Software Experience


Naturally, we asked Hanin why the G Tablet was shipped in this half-finished state at all — he told us that while Android and Tegra are great platforms, Google’s lack of support for larger devices means that companies like Viewsonic have to “go out and put together their own software and app stores.” We’re not sure that’s a great answer — in fact, it sort of sounds like Viewsonic is trying to blame Google, Adobe, and NVIDIA for its own half-finished and laggy software, when it released the tablet on its accord own to retailers.

Getting a product to market as quickly as possible isn’t the answer. The answer is getting a great product to market as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, that takes time because the product needs to be tested by real people in real situations.

The biggest problem with Android, even 2.2, is that no matter how powerful the CPU or GPU there seems to be a little lag between when you touch the thing and when it responds. This simply isn’t competitive when you have an iPad that responds immediately. Maybe Honeycomb, the tablet-orientated Android operating system, will be better.