Barnes & Noble Nook Color to get Android 2.2 Update

The Register:

The NOOKcolor e-reader, from Barnes & Noble, is going to get Android 2.2 (Froyo) next month, very nearly turning the $250 e-reader into a usable tablet computer.

We say very nearly, because it seems that Google’s Android Marketplace won’t be available on the NOOKcolor, which will instead get its own application store run by Barnes & Noble.

What would prevent the Nook Color from being upgraded to the tablet-oriented version of Android: Honeycomb? But even with the latest and greatest Android OS the Nook Color won’t be fast enough to be used as a full-blown tablet. The lag between when you touch and when it responds will drive you nuts. As an e-reader I’m sure the Nook Color will do just fine, but that’s not why you’re hoping to get to Android 2.2 and beyond…