Archos 101 Internet Tablet Review


We weren’t expecting Gorilla Glass quality here, but both of them are flimsy and when pressed firmly, they start to cave in quite a bit. However, it’s the 1024 x 600-resolution LCD on the 101 that’s the real eye sore — when turned off, the uber glossy panel (we’re talking mirror glossy) is a metalic greenish color.

Greenish color? I have no idea what the cause of that might be, but sure seems yucky. But more importantly you need to be confident that you can use your touch display: a display that caves in when pressed firmly doesn’t inspire confidence at all.

[…] the capacitive displays are actually quite responsive — tapping and swiping lightly was no issue when navigating the OS and we actually found our fingers to slide quite nicely over the glossy coating.

Nicely sliding over a capacitive multitouch display is one thing, for the system to respond instantly is another. I have yet to see an Android tablet that responds without a hint of delay; so far only the iPad does that.

Viewing angles and both the Archos 101 and the 70 were terrible: I am dumbstruck that product designers overlook the need for wide viewing angles on a tablet that will be used both in landscape and portrait orientations! I recommend getting the iPad: you’ll stop worrying about everything else, and get to immerse yourself into all the wonderful content that’s waiting for you download.