LG LZ9700: 72-inch LED-Backlit 3D LCD TV


[LG will] be bringing the planet’s largest LED-backlit 3D LCD HDTV to CES 2011 next week, with the LZ9700 handling both 2D and 3D content and offering TruMotion 400Hz […]

Who cares about 3D? I don’t. But actually, my sister mentioned how fantastic it was to watch How to Train Your Dragon on a 3D TV with active-shutter glasses. I must say I did enjoy watching Avatar in the theaters in 3D, but I also enjoyed watching Avatar in 2D just as much. If you are a 3D fan, and there are only a few of you out there, and if you have the space and the financial wherewithal to purchase the largest 72-inch LED-backlit 3D LCD TV in the world, then maybe the LG LZ9700 is something to look forward to.

Two things: what is with that brownish neck? And Dvorak says 3D is bad for your kid’s optical nerves.