Element Case Vapor Extreme Metals

After waiting for some time, today I finally got the email from Element Case stating that I can order its sexy Vapor case. My favorite one is from the Vapor Extreme Metals collection: Vapor 007. Here’s the description:

This limited edition, raw machined case looks straight from Q’s lab, and is as spy worthy as your iPhone can get. After machining, a brushed grain is added by hand. Except for the Serial number on the inside of this case, there are no visible markings. This case is right at home in the pocket of your black tux,.. even if it is just rented.

I added to my cart and was ready to checkout… But then I got interrupted and when I came back I started browsing through my RSS feeds and here’s what I got from Cult of Mac (bold not mine):

Although designed like Apple’s own bumper case, it doesn’t fix the Antennagate issue. In fact, this only aggravates the problem. As soon as you put the iPhone inside the case, the signal strength goes haywire. However, I haven’t had any dropped calls with the phone inside the case.

As far as iPhone’s compass is concerned, don’t even try using the iPhone’s GPS inside the case! You might just find yourself falling off a cliff or something… seriously.

I do like the stupidly sexy Vapor case, but looks aren’t that important especially when the compass and GPS are made inoperable. No Vapor case for me. So sad.