via designboom. NOTHING dESIGN GROUP has combined a notepad and an iPhone 4 case into one, the SMART PHONE NOTE or iPhone 4+note. This notepad-case combination is designed by Jin-Woog Koo.

The iPhone 4 can be inserted into the foam cutout in portrait or landscape mode. (Only if this concept could be married with a pen like the Livescribe. With Bluetooth connectivity whatever you write can be transferred to the iPhone via a Livescribe iPhone app working in the background.)

When the iPhone4+note is closed the front flap has a cutout, allowing you to use your iPhone 4 inside the case/notebook. That’s convenient, but there is a disadvantage. Notice the infinity symbol-like cutout.

When the iPhone 4 is out, the infinity symbol-like cutout can be used to securely house the earphones. I’m not sure if this works quite well: if you close the iPhone4+note, the untidiness will show through. A tidier way would be to have something to wrap the cord around and then place the earbuds into the cutout.

The earphones can be attached to the iPhone 4 in both landscape and portrait orientation.

Another concern I have with this smart concept is that the iPhone 4 display is exposed when carrying the iPhone4+note like this. I’m also hoping you can change out notebook part once you’re done and need another one. Overall a fascinating concept by NOTHING dESIGN GROUP.