via designboom. NOTHING dESIGN GROUP has combined a notepad and an iPhone 4 case into one, the SMART PHONE NOTE or iPhone 4+note. This notepad-case combination is designed by Jin-Woog Koo.

The iPhone 4 can be inserted into the foam cutout in portrait or landscape mode. (Only if this concept could be married with a pen like the Livescribe. With Bluetooth connectivity whatever you write can be transferred to the iPhone via a Livescribe iPhone app working in the background.)

When the iPhone4+note is closed the front flap has a cutout, allowing you to use your iPhone 4 inside the case/notebook. That’s convenient, but there is a disadvantage. Notice the infinity symbol-like cutout.

When the iPhone 4 is out, the infinity symbol-like cutout can be used to securely house the earphones. I’m not sure if this works quite well: if you close the iPhone4+note, the untidiness will show through. A tidier way would be to have something to wrap the cord around and then place the earbuds into the cutout.

The earphones can be attached to the iPhone 4 in both landscape and portrait orientation.

Another concern I have with this smart concept is that the iPhone 4 display is exposed when carrying the iPhone4+note like this. I’m also hoping you can change out notebook part once you’re done and need another one. Overall a fascinating concept by NOTHING dESIGN GROUP.

Nintendo 3DS Warning Label: No 3D for Children Under Six


[…] players are advised that 3D gameplay causes eye fatigue more quickly than 2D gaming and are told to take a break after 30 minutes of play […] Nintendo also says that children under six shouldn’t use the 3D mode at all, since their eyes are still developing, and that parents can use controls built into the 3DS to lock it into 2D mode for children.

Element Case Vapor Extreme Metals

After waiting for some time, today I finally got the email from Element Case stating that I can order its sexy Vapor case. My favorite one is from the Vapor Extreme Metals collection: Vapor 007. Here’s the description:

This limited edition, raw machined case looks straight from Q’s lab, and is as spy worthy as your iPhone can get. After machining, a brushed grain is added by hand. Except for the Serial number on the inside of this case, there are no visible markings. This case is right at home in the pocket of your black tux,.. even if it is just rented.

I added to my cart and was ready to checkout… But then I got interrupted and when I came back I started browsing through my RSS feeds and here’s what I got from Cult of Mac (bold not mine):

Although designed like Apple’s own bumper case, it doesn’t fix the Antennagate issue. In fact, this only aggravates the problem. As soon as you put the iPhone inside the case, the signal strength goes haywire. However, I haven’t had any dropped calls with the phone inside the case.

As far as iPhone’s compass is concerned, don’t even try using the iPhone’s GPS inside the case! You might just find yourself falling off a cliff or something… seriously.

I do like the stupidly sexy Vapor case, but looks aren’t that important especially when the compass and GPS are made inoperable. No Vapor case for me. So sad.

Toshiba 32SL738 Review

TrustedReviews gave the Toshiba 32SL738 just 6/10 for 2D picture quality:

The wheels come off, however, when you ask the 32SL738 to deal with any predominantly dark scenes. The main reason for this is the recurrence yet again of what’s becoming an unfortunate Toshiba trademark: serious backlight inconsistency. A large chunk of the top edge of our test sample looked considerably brighter than the rest of the picture during dark scenes, with a lesser patch of trouble evident in the bottom left corner.

The 32SL738 sports edge-lit LED backlights, but they seem to be inconsistent, which is terrible.

iPad 2: Tapered Sides and Flat Back?


The next-generation iPad appears likely to have tapered sides and a flat back, very similar to the current iPod touch. This contrasts with the current iPad, which offers flat sides and a slightly curved back.

And there’s a hole in the back about the size of the camera hole found on the back of the iPhone 4. If this rumor is true, I’m not sure why Apple would move away from the flat sides on the current iPad to a tapered design. The iPhone just went from tapered to flat sides and I would think Apple would keep the flat side design for a while. Even the MacBook Pros, iMacs and Cinema Displays have flat sides.

Dell Adamo 13, Now Just US$899


These days, $899 gets you a 0.65-inch thick machine, complete with a 13.4-inch WLED display (1366 x 768 resolution), 2.1GHz Core 2 Duo SL9600 processor, a 64-bit copy of Windows 7 Home Premium and 4GB of DDR3-800 memory. You’ll also get a 128GB SSD, 802.11n WiFi, Bluetooth 2.1+EDR and a 40 WHr Lithium Polymer battery […]

That is quite a lot for not a lot of money. And the Dell Adamo 13 is one of the sexiest notebooks I’ve laid my eyes on.

Next iPad, iPhone to Rock Dual-Core CPUs

Ashok Kumar via Cult of Mac:

Apple is on track to refresh the iPad by March and iPhone by late summer. A key component upgrade across these platforms will be a dual-core processor featuring a pair of 1GHz ARM Cortex A9 cores.

Probably, but only if dual-core CPUs don’t reduce battery life compared to current versions of the iPad and iPhone.