CES 2011: Travelling With Less

I’m currently at the San Jose International Airport connected to a free WiFi signal. Unfortunately, the Pantech LTE modem I purchased from Verizon Wireless a few days was only sending packets for some reason. If only all airports had free WiFi… This is the first time I’ve been in the newly remodeled section of SJC and I must say it is a beautiful building. Thankfully I was neither sprayed with x-rays or fondled when going through security. I was nervous though.

Some interesting observations: the departures and arrivals digital signage displays are all Samsung. These are big and in portrait orientation. I didn’t see any color or brightness shifts at different angles. Good for Samsung. LG was able to supply all of the displays within the shops: LeBoulanger, BRIT, illy, Pizza My Heart, etc. These displays are smaller (still big around 50-inch) but there are quite a few at each retail location. SJC was being diplomatic it seems.

I decided to travel extremely light this time around. I just have one duffle bag with a few shirts, a jacket, underwear, socks, a couple of books, my MacBook Pro and iPhone. I’ll be taking photos and videos using only the iPhone this year. Hopefully it’ll all work out. I also decided to bring a small waist bag thingamajig to put my business cards, notepad, and pen. I hope I don’t look too geeky.

For some reason when I did my laundry last night all of my black socks were left out. So I packed a few non-black ones and will need to purchase a few. I guess I’ll be putting to practice what I’m learning from The 4-Hour Workweek: Ferriss, the author, recommends traveling as light as possible and if we absolutely need something to buy it when we’re there. I’ll definitely be needing clean socks!

Unsurprisingly, the 5:20pm Southwest flight to Las Vegas is late. I’ll be lucky if I get on the plane by 6:00pm. Hopefully I can catch my hotel shuttle at 8pm. If I lose that shuttle, it’ll cost me and I don’t want that.

I’ll be attending CES Unveiled tomorrow at the Venetian with a focus on displays. Stay tuned for updates.

Update: Ah, I missed the free shuttle by five minutes. Spent way too much on a cab. The Pantech LTE UML290 modem doesn’t work at the South Point Hotel where I’m staying. There might be two possible reasons: I’m too far up (23rd floor) or I’m too far way from the main strip. So I’ve switched to the 2GB + Tethering option on my iPhone. I’ve read somewhere that the best way to live without stress is to be flexible. I’m just glad I get a 3G signal from AT&T here. Who would have guessed!