2011 CES Unveiled: pipSqueak

Only this little gadget made me think, “Cool! That’s exactly what my wife needs!” Today I had the privilege of attending CES Unveiled, a press-only event and although there were many cool products that were showcased, for me this little device took the show.

Let me explain the need: 80% of the time I can’t get a hold of my dear wife. What drives me nuts is that I am 100% sure she has her iPhone with her. I also understand that she’s stretched a bit: she works, takes care of three kids, cooks, cleans, etc. and carries around a lot of stuff in a large bag, which is where the iPhone is. I think, I know, this little gadget will help.

There are some hilarious videos on Seeker Technology‘s website that shows why all of us who carry phones in large bags need this little device. It’s called pipSqueak, a square thingamajig that connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth. It has a clip, like an iPod nano, so you can attached it to almost anywhere, like for instance the outside of a large bag.

PipSqueak notifies you whenever your phone is receiving a call. The notification can be adjusted to any of several levels, including “vibration only” to “vibration, light & sound”. Upon being notified, you may simply retrieve/answer your phone.

President and CEO James Randall explained another really neat feature that helps when you need more time to answer:

If your pipSqueak notifies you of an incoming call but you need more time to answer, you simply tap the button on the pipSqueak to activate the “extended time feature.” PipSqueak immediately answers the call, notifies the caller that you are about to answer but need a bit more time, and periodically repeats “Please hold” until you answer.

You can even download a celebrity voice or record your own custom message. How neat is that? And one last thing: the pipSqueak vibrates and/or makes a sound when it is out of range from your smartphone, and that may mean the difference between keeping your smartphone and losing it, in the cab for instance.

* The pipSqueak seems to have an OLED display that remains invisible when nothing is happening, but displays in white the number, caller ID, or the “Phone Lost” message.