iPod Nano as a Watch

Nilay Patel:

And here’s the biggest problem: you can’t just glance at your wrist and check the time! The screen is completely dark when it’s asleep, so you have to reach over and hit the wake button with your other hand to see the time, and worst of all, hitting the wake button doesn’t light the screen up instantly — there’s a significant and noticeable delay of over half a second before the clock is displayed. […]

John Gruber:

The TikTok is everything I could have hoped for: the Nano fits perfectly and the wristband is supple and comfortable. But for the reasons outlined by Patel above, the current Nano just isn’t ideal for use as a full-time wristwatch. I can definitely see using this when I run though.

I check time because of maybe two reasons. First, I need to know the time right now because I don’t want to be late getting somewhere. A similar reason for wanting to know the time is to wind up each second as tight as possible so that when that person you’re waiting for finally shows up late you have all that potential energy stored up to give a proper tongue lashing. Both stem from us being madly driven by time. The second reason is just because. “Hmm… I wonder what time it is.” Time’s got nothing on me.

The iPod Nano works perfectly as a watch if time is your best friend and you have lots of it. If you’re dashing here and there, pulled, pushed, and yanked around by time, then you should use a real watch for instant gratification.

But, I’m used to using my iPhone as my only timepiece. I’ve been trained to push a button (power or home), wait a split second for the display to turn on, and then be shown the time. To me the slight delay isn’t irritating at all. As a watch I think the iPod Nano will be absolutely perfect inside the LunaTik, which I hope gets delivered soon.