HP Topaz Use Same iPad Display

9.7 inches. 1024×768 pixels. 4:3 aspect ratio. In-Plane Switching (IPS) LCD panel. That’s what goes into Apple’s iPad.

PreCentral put up an image showing “Components” and if you look closely you’ll see: 9.7″ XGA (1024 x 768) w/IPS. The 160/160 viewing angles are less than the typical 178/178 seen on IPS LCDs, so the version that’s going into the HP Topaz might not be the top-end panel from LG Display (LGD). Instead it might be from Samsung or one of the Taiwan-based LCD manufacturers.

The next OLPC, which is a tablet, will also sport a 9.7-inch 4:3 LCD that will use Pixel Chi technology. Apple has done the heavy lifting of thinking through what the optimal dimensions of a tablet should be. The market seems to agree with Apple, and apparently so does HP and OLPC.