Sony NGP

Next Generation Portable or NGP by Sony sports a 5-inch touch OLED display with a 960×544 pixel format. I am not certain whether the OLED is based on Nouvoyance’s PenTile Matrix or a regular RGB. All 800×480 OLED displays were based on a PenTile Matrix sub-pixel structure prior to Samsung developing its Super AMOLED Plus, which is considered to be RGB and having 50% more sub-pixels than PenTile Matrix.

If the NGP’s 5-inch OLED display is based on RGB this is a significant development: not only is the size of an OLED display increasing, the number of sub-pixels are now close to the best LCDs. A quad-core Imagination Technologies PowerVR SGX543MP4+ GPU performs graphics duties. And this might hint at a possible quadrupling of GPU capabilities of a future Retina Display-based iPad.