LG Optimus 2X Video Quality

The LG Optimus 2X is the fastest Android smartphone that you can buy, for now. Not only does the Optimus 2X pack a dual-core CPU it captures video in 1080/24p, which is quite a bit more than the iPhone 4’s 720/30p. MobileCrunch compares the video quality of the two:

My conclusion? The iPhone 4 wins hands down. The Optimus 2X’s footage is quite acceptable — but contrasted against identical footage shot on an iPhone, it falls short in both color and clarity.

It has taken a long time for the digital camera industry to figure out that the race to pack more and more pixels into the same image sensor was stupid. I wonder how long it will take for the smartphone industry.

Capturing video at 1080p will be the goal in the next year or two, but you don’t want to add that feature until it’s good and ready. Case in point: 1080p video capture on the Optimus 2X doesn’t seem to be ready. The lens need to be bigger and/or faster, the image sensor if not already needs to sport backlight illumination technology, the image processing engine needs to be better tuned, etc. Don’t rush to add the latest and greatest technology; first perfect it then add it.