MacBook Pro Stocks Run Low

Cult of Mac:

Multiple sources in both Apple Stores and third-party resellers are reporting that they are running low on supplies of Cupertino’s premium notebooks, with even Amazon listing a one to two month delay on shipping the 17-inch MBP.

Stocks running low can mean there’s a refresh coming up. I’ve been waiting for Apple to equip its high-end MacBook Pros with an IPS LCD for a long time. The 17-inch IPS LCD would sport the same pixel format of 1920×1200, but feature enhanced viewing angles with close to zero shift in color, contrast, and brightness. It would consume less power, too, with a more efficient LED backlight.

The cover glass would be thinner, lighter, and optically laminated to the LCD to eliminate the air gap and reduce thickness. Glare/reflections should be reduced or completely eliminated.

If the new MacBook Airs are any indication the new 17-inch IPS LCD-based MBP would sport a custom design: the unibody LCD housing will enclose just the LCD cell and backlight, without the bulky modularization. Unfortunately, it would make it difficult to fix since opening up the display would mean certain and permanent dust. In more than 17 years of using notebooks I’ve never had to fix the LCD so that probably won’t become a problem. Fingers crossed for new MBPs with IPS LCDs!