Acer Iconia Smart

Devin Coldewey:

The screen is 4.8 inches and 1024×480. Really now.

Yes, really. That’s a 21:9 aspect ratio, similar to the 21:9 TVs from Philips. This isn’t the first time a mobile phone brand has incorporated this particular ultra-wide aspect ratio. That honor would go to LG for its BL40 New Chocolate. Even Toyota has fitted a 21:9 display in its Sienna. So this isn’t anything new. Now, a 21:9 display has certain expectations that go with it. Foremost is the expectation that watching feature films will be most excellent, at least better than the regular 16:9 smartphones out there.

The 1024×480 pixel format leads to a resolution of almost 236PPI, so that’s a very good start. The high resolution will certainly lead to both sharp and smooth images in movies. Most movies that come in DVDs aren’t 16:9 but wider. You’ve most likely noticed that there are black horizontal bars while watching DVDs even on your 16:9 HDTV. That’s why. On the Acer Iconia Smart you should have no horizontal bars and that’s a major plus. You won’t have to double-tap on the display to fill the screen. On the flip side, there are a lot of TV content that is formatted 16:9. In this case the regular smartphones will look better with the Iconia Smart having vertical black bars!

The Acer Iconia Smart with its ultra-wide 21:9 4.8-inch LCD will be superb when watching feature films, but not so much when watching TV content in HD. I hope Acer saw it fit to use an IPS LCD to make the point clear that the Iconia Smart was designed for discerning on-the-go movie buffs. You guys do exist, right?