Sony Trimaster EL

Sony just unveiled the largest OLED displays money can buy: the Trimaster EL series professional monitors. The Trimaster EL OLED monitors come in two sizes: the 17-inch BVM-E170 and the 25-inch BVM-E250.

Both models have 1920×1080 pixel formats, a first for OLED displays, and use 10-bit OLED panels, good for billions of colors. Viewing angles are 178/178. I can only imagine, but I expect color and images to be amazing.

The smaller BVM-E170 will be available July 1st for ¥1,312,500 (about US$15,700) and the bigger BVM-E250 on May 1st for ¥2,415,000 (about US$28,900). The professional broadcast market is about the only market that could possibility bear these prices.

State-of-the-art displays? Yes. Ridiculously expensive? Absolutely.