Motorola Xoom Review by Andy Ihnatko

Andy Ihnatko:

The big problem with the XOOM’s display is its color. The screen looks fine when using apps and games. But photos and videos are a different story: the colors look a little washed-out and cheap. Rich golds become dingy browns. Blue skies become slightly overcast. While watching Pixar’s “Up,” scenes that should have looked nearly as rich and crisp and thrilling and vibrant as they do on my TV looked like they would have on the seatback video of a commercial airliner.

The display’s lack of color intensity isn’t dealbreakingly noticeable, but when you set the XOOM next to an iPad displaying the same content, it’s a complete slaughter. That’s a real shame on a device that’s genetically predisposed towards being a fantastic media player. I hope this is something that Motorola can fix with an update to the XOOM’s display driver.

The 9.7-inch 4:3 IPS LCD on the iPad is top-notch. I would have assumed Motorola would have wanted to at least match the iPad’s display in terms of performance. I guess not.

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