Motorola Xoom Review by Joshua Topolsky

Joshua Topolsky:

The display on the Xoom is slightly larger than the iPad’s 9.7-inch screen, and higher resolution (1280 x 800 to Apple’s 1024 x 768). The aspect ratio is substantially different as well, meaning that the Xoom feels a lot longer (or taller) than the iPad. In general, we felt portrait use was slightly uncomfortable given the size, but not in any way a dealbreaker. Though the screen does look nice, pixel density seemed to suffer — a situation that was particularly evident when using the Google Books application. Still, the Xoom’s display is more than capable at making game and video content look clear and crisp. One note, however — Motorola’s auto-brightness controls seem a little extreme to us here, forcing us to manually adjust the brightness most of the time. Hopefully a software update will come along which softens the severity with which it dims the screen; it was simply too dark for our tastes.

Resolution, on the Xoom, is 149.45 pixels per inch. And 132PPI on the iPad. Text and images should look more crisp on the Xoom than on the iPad. I almost always turn off auto brightness on all of my gadgets. The reason being that our eyes do a great job of auto-adjusting to our environments. And auto-adjusting to an auto-adjusting display is just extra work.