Nintendo 3DS Teardown: Parallax Barrier 3D


The 3D display of the 3DS seems to be realized by using a “parallax barrier,” which partially blocks light, to show different images to the right and left eyes. However, Nintendo has not disclosed the technologies used for the 3D display. Our assumption has been based on the display properties and the fact that Sharp Corp, which is considered to be one of the suppliers of the 3DS’ panel, developed technologies similar to the ones used for the 3DS.

The 3.53-inch LCD packs a 800×240 pixel format. So 400 horizontal pixels go to your right eye and the other half to your left eye. Nintendo has made it clear that there are health risks to children who are under the age of six. I’m a parent and I don’t think I’ll be giving the Nintendo 3DS to my children. My wife, an optometrist, doesn’t recommend it either.