Rahul Sood: MacBook Manifesto

Rahul Sood:

[…] every executive in the PC industry should use an Apple notebook.

You must remember Rahul Sood is Voodoo PC founder, was HP CTO, and now Microsoft Xbox GM. Why would Rahul Sood utter such blasphemy? He knows something: the brilliant engineers, designers, and everyone else involved in the development of the MacBooks are winning the game. The game? Bringing to market the very best notebook PCs in quality, reliability, and sexiness. But are MacBooks really all that?

I’ve been tinkering around with my 17-inch MacBook Pro and I must say there is still much work to be done. I’ve taken the cover glass off. It wasn’t all that hard; all I needed was scotch tape. Apparently the glue was getting weak after 18 months. Apple likes to use glue it seems. About a week ago I tore up a malfunctioning Bluetooth aluminum keyboard. The back panel is secured by glue. Lots of glue. In a hot and humid area this could be a problem.

The new MacBook Air has a unibody construction for the display chassis. Unfortunately my MacBook Pro doesn’t: removing the cover glass revealed a bunch of little things including black tape around the LCD bezel, some type of soft foam around the black tape to protect the LCD from the cover glass, thirteen magnet pieces, five visible screws, etc. No wonder these things need to be manufactured in countries with low labor costs; there are a lot of little things to tape up, glue on, and screw in. Is this the state-of-the-art in manufacturing? Not even close, but Apple is closest. And that tells you something about all the other guys making gadgets, like for instance Microsoft and HP.