iPad 2 Camera Sucks

Charlie Sorrel:

It seems impossible for Apple to put a decent camera into anything but the iPhone, and despite many hopes, both cameras in the iPad 2 are about as rudimentary as you could get without having to load a roll of film in there. In fact, the iPad 2’s camera has more in common with the low-res camera in the iPod Touch than it does to the rather excellent one in the iPhone 4.

1280×720 seems to be the pixel format for the image sensor on the back of the iPad 2. That’s fine for videos. For photos? Not so much. Why did Apple make this seemingly crippling decision? Ask yourself this question: how often do you think you’ll be taking photos with your iPad?

The iPad 2 can surely handle multi-megapixel images with its new graphics capabilities. So graphics hardware can’t be the limiting factor. Apple probably decided getting the iPad 2 as thin as possible was more important than putting a more capable, thicker image sensor.

I don’t think I’ll find myself using the iPad 2 as a camera all that much, but it would’ve been nice to record 1080p video, but maybe a 1920×1080-pixel image sensor was too thick too?