iOS and Multitasking

Lukas Mathis:

However, the argument that multitasking on computers is bad because humans can’t multitask is flawed. It uses the word «multitasking» in two different ways, but implies that the two kinds of multitasking are somehow the same thing. They’re not: a task (or an app) on a computer, and a task performed by a human don’t map to each other one-to-one. In fact, a single task performed by a human can easily make use of several applications running concurrently on a computer.

Like Mathis I am using Notational Velocity to write the initial draft for this post. And to the left is Safari with the third tab opened to ignore the code, Mathis’ blog. The other two tabs are Google Reader and DisplayBlog.

Does the one-app-at-a-time UI on iOS make it a far better tool for consumption than creation? To me, it is obvious. Does this limitation help me focus? Yes, when consuming. Sometimes, when creating.

When writing an opinion piece largely based on what is in my head, the iOS UI helps me focus because there are no distractions. But when commenting on another’s work, like now, the app switching back and forth would get in the way.