Motorola Xoom Review by Ars Technica

Paul Ryan:

If you compare the Xoom against the iPad 2 today, there isn’t much of a case to be made in favor of the Xoom. If you make the same comparison four or five months from now when the Xoom has all of its features intact, the story is going to look rather different. LTE and Flash are both desirable features that would make the Xoom look really appealing to a decent-sized mainstream audience.

Today there are about 65,000 iPad apps. In four to five months the next iPhone, likely to be announced and shipping around June or July, will accelerate iOS app development. By the time the Xoom has its Flash and LTE, the iPad 2 will have another 20,000 to 27,000 apps. And soon after that if the iPad 3 turns out to be true, the story? It’ll be different alright.