iPad 2 ID to Inspire Next iPhone?

Jonathan Ive:

The iPad 2 really is defined by the display there are just no distractions by reducing what were essentially three surfaces to two, we got rid of the structural wall around the perimeter of the product and eliminated the edge, its not only more comfortable to hold but with the breakthroughs we’ve made with uni-body engineering, its rigid, sturdy and even more precise.

Graham Bower at Cult of Mac ponders:

And so, with reports surfacing that the new iPhone 5 may sport an aluminum back-panel, it seems like a good bet that Apple are planning to riff on the new aluminum-backed iPad 2 design.

The difference between the iPad and the iPhone for Ive is space. The iPad has plenty and the iPhone doesn’t. Are there good reasons for replacing the glass back of the iPhone 4 with a more sturdy aluminum version? Yup. But does that mean Apple will reduce three surfaces to two on the next iPhone? I doubt it.