TreeHugger: 9 Greenest Laptops on the Market


  1. Dell Latitude Series
  2. ASUS UL30A
  3. Acer TravelMate
  4. Apple MacBook Air
  5. HP Elitebook 2540p
  6. Toshiba Portege R700
  7. Lenovo Thinkpad L Series
  8. Apple iPad
  9. The One You Already Have

To me, the iPad isn’t a laptop, but it is universally considered a netbook killer. I’m a techie guy who has been building, fixing, upgrading computers since 1986 so option #9 happens to be my favorite and is quite doable, but it isn’t an easy choice for many.

I know several around me who opted to purchase a sub-$500 netbook to replace an aging notebook PC instead of fixing it or upgrading it. Purchasing a cheap netbook is much easier than fixing or upgrading a notebook. DIY fixing is out of the question for the average guy or gal. And taking it to a service outfit costs almost as much as a low-end netbook. Techie friends could help, but not all are lucky enough to have a techie friend who is any good at fixing things. So fixing is a pain or costs a lot.

And so is upgrading. Unlike desktops upgrading notebooks is painful and parts are expensive. The easiest thing to do in either case is to buy a new netbook or an iPad. I realize being green isn’t easy and more often than not it is the more difficult, less convenient option. New models, like the recently announced iPad 2 doesn’t make it any easier. Recently, I’ve been considering ditching a typical computer altogether and going solo with my iPhone 4 and a Bluetooth keyboard. Now that would be quite green, wouldn’t it.