iPad 2 Review

John Gruber:

The display itself, to my eyes, seemed unchanged from the original iPad. I wouldn’t be surprised to find out that it is the identical component. As I mentioned before, the surrounding bezel is slightly smaller on the iPad 2, and there is less aluminum around the edge, so the overall device is about 0.2 inches narrower and a hair shorter. But the display itself is exactly the same size, and my eyes detect nothing different about it. It is not laminated to the glass like the iPhone 4 Retina Display.

Aw shucks. Apple didn’t see optical lamination on the iPad 2 to be a must-have. I think optically laminating the cover glass to the LCD is an absolute requirement. First, I am fairly sure it would have made the iPad 2 even slimmer. More importantly the visual experience would have improved because the display would be closer, with less light refractions. Second, there would be no possibility of dust getting stuck in that air gap. I’ve repeated this many times, like a broken record, but I’m going to say it again: you cannot do anything to completely unstuck dust if dust gets stuck. And that would ruin the experience of using the iPad 2.