Chinese Buy Made-In-China Clarks in Clarks Village, England

[…] Apart from lending its name to the shopping centre, Clarks, the biggest shoe brand in the world, has little to do with the success of Clarks Village. Its shoes are in fact now made in China, India, Brazil and Vietnam but not in Britain, after the site and the Village brand was sold. So the Chinese are flying to the site where Clarks used to make shoes to buy shoes that are actually made in China and sold in a shopping centre not owned by Clarks. […]

Clarks was my favorite shoe brand: high quality, decently priced, and most of all very comfy. I also had that warm feeling knowing the shoes were made by artisans in England. It’s been a good long while since I’ve purchased a pair of Clarks. The last one I bought was about five years ago, and marked Made in China. I don’t wear nice shoes all that often, but when the occasion warrants I pull out the pair of Made in USA Allen Edmonds my father gave me as a gift.