iPad 2 iFixit Teardown


And just like that, it’s open. No clips, just tons of glue.

As much as we hated trying to remove the clips in the original iPad, this much adhesive is even more of a pain. Be ready to crack your front panel if you dare open it! We’ll be investigating the best way to get inside over the next few weeks.

A few screws here and there hold down the LCD screen. Not a problem for the iFixit team!

Apple seems to love glue. I’ve shared this before but when I cracked open a defective Bluetooth keyboard, the entire bottom panel was secured by tons of glue. Steve Jobs is known to hate screws, so glue it is.

The LCD looks to be a module, which is different from what you get when you open up the 11.6-inch MacBook Air: the LCD is just the LCD cell and the backlight without the fattening module around it. This design points to a future iPad 3 that could be even thinner.