Toshiba Mobile Display Fukaya LCD Plant Shut Down For One Month


Toshiba Corp. said Thursday a liquid crystal display plant in Fukaya suffered damage from last week’s earthquake and production at the facility won’t resume for about a month.

Toshiba Mobile Display is wholly owned by Toshiba and has two LCD fabs in Japan.


Toshiba’s assembly line at a plant near Tokyo making LCDs for smartphones and other devices will be closed to repair sensitive equipment knocked out of alignment by the quake, a Toshiba spokeswoman said on Thursday.

Another plant in Japan making small displays was undamaged, she said.

The Toshiba plant supplies the mobile phone industry and auto makers for navigation displays, and its two factories including the one still operating account for about 5 percent of the global small LCD display market, said Damian Thong, an analyst at Macquarie Capital Securities in Japan.

Apple invested in Toshiba to secure a strategic component many believe to be displays for next-generation iPhones and iPads. I don’t know whether or not Toshiba Mobile Display’s Fukaya LCD plant is in any way involved in the supply chain for upcoming iPhones and iPads, but if it was there could be an impact on the next iPhone expected to be announced in June. Apple also invested in Sharp.