Fujifilm X100 Review

Photography Blog:

The Fujifilm Finepix X100 is one of the most surprising, appealing and well-realised cameras of recent times, offering a compelling mix of intuitive handling, impeccable image quality, and a truly innovative viewfinder. That’s not to say that you should all rush out and buy one – by its very nature a retro-styled, film-inspired 35mm fixed lens camera with a leaning towards street photography will limit the X100’s natural audience, along with the rather eye-watering price-tag, slightly sluggish auto-focusing, slow write speeds and merely average video mode. But if you’re still reading this far, you’ll be pleased to know that the Fujifilm Finepix X100 really does live up to its pre-launch hype.

The industrial design on the Fujifilm X100 is superb. I know this will alarm Leica fans but I think the X100 out-M9s the M9. But that’s just looks.

There is absolutely no reason why something so expensive packed with the latest technology must have sluggish autofocus. Fujifilm made use of an hybrid viewfinder and should have gone hybrid for its autofocus system by incorporating both contrast and phase detection.

Slow writing speeds? Lexmark does a better job with a $50 card reader. Simply not excusable.

And then there’s the mediocre video mode: 1080/24p is an absolute must for a camera that looks like this and costs this much. A 10-minute video limit? Absurd.

I was really tempted before this review but now I am convinced I should wait for the next version of the X100.