Bill Nguyen, Color founder, via Business Insider:

Color is not about photo sharing. It’s a new way to build spontaneous social networks — and collect massive amounts of data about what people are doing and where they’re doing it — without collecting any personally identifiable information like last names, addresses, or even passwords.

John Gruber at Daring Fireball:

So it’s a data mining trojan horse. Well, that changes everything. Who wouldn’t love that? And it’s a good thing personal photos have no “personally identifiable information” — you know, other than images of you, your friends, and your family.

Color seems to be an app that engenders the building of online communities by using information gleaned from location-based activities such as how much time you spend at a particular place, what photos you take, etc.

Mike Elgan at Cult of Mac:

Whatever you do, don’t dismiss Color. The idea of spontaneous location-based networks that use increasingly intelligent algorithms to connect content streams is going to be absolutely huge.

Color sounds like an interesting app, but what’s the big deal? Color raised US$41 million in funding from Sequoia and Bain. Forty one million.