Nintendo 3DS: Feel Sick or Nauseous

Optometrist Dr. Justin Bazan via CrunchGear:

Moderation is beneficial. Some people will feel sick or nauseous and in some cases the 3D could point to an underlying binocular vision disorder.

Sick or nauseous? Nothing to worry about? No thanks, I’ll pass. And that means all three of my kids pass, too. According to Bazan, to see 3D images the left and right eyes need to see the image clearly. If one of your eyes can’t see clearly you won’t be able to see 3D. In that case Bazen recommends:

If there’s a problem, go in for an eye exam, don’t just take the game away.

Yes, please do get your annual eye exam, but also take the game way and return it. And on the way back stop at a park and have fun looking at and interacting with real 3D.