Sony Ericsson Xperia Play Drops The Ball


It’s not an unqualified disaster, as viewing angles are pretty wide, the 854 x 480 resolution is decent, and under the right circumstances you can obtain some pleasantly vibrant images from it, but it’s still one the worst screens we’ve seen on a review phone — hell, review hardware of any kind. This was most apparent to us outdoors when we used it side by side with Sony Ericsson’s own Xperia Arc, the latter handset giving us better contrast, saturation, and of course, brightness.

The most important component on a smartphone, tablet, or computer is the display. Wouldn’t you agree? Yes, everything is important and Apple shows us that the complete package is what maximizes experience, but if you were to choose just one I would think it’d be the display.

Obviously Sony Ericsson didn’t think so. The display on the Xperia Play seems to be so terrible that Vlad Savov at Engadget deemed it the worst display on a review phone he’s ever seen. He might be exaggerating a bit but my recommendation is to make sure to test the Xperia Play outside before signing two years of your life away.

The Sony Ericsson Xperia Play is targeted at boys (old and young) who have time and are generally free from having to drive themselves.

During my four month stay in South Korea last year, I put on a lot of miles riding in the clean, efficient subway system in Seoul. Every time, without exception, there was someone texting, watching TV, or playing games. Guys played on iPhones, iPod touches, and Sony PSPs. Girls played, too, but not a single one on PSPs.

The Xperia Play is a very niche product targeted at guys who demand exceptional display performance and who will complain bitterly because Sony Ericsson dropped the ball.