University of Michigan Doubles Blue OLED Efficiency

University of Michigan:

Traditionally, the ceiling for the efficiency of fluorescent OLEDs was believed to be 5 percent. Now, Kieffer and his collaborators have produced fluorescent OLEDs with close to 10 percent efficiency.

Professor John Kieffer and graduate student Changgua Zhen doubled the external quantum efficiency of blue OLEDs from 5% to 10%. This is good news as blue OLEDs have had the lowest efficiency among the three primary colors. Due to differences in efficiencies it has been a difficult balancing act of minimizing differential aging.

So what are the EQEs of green and red? I’ve googled high and low, but I haven’t found anything definitive. It seems green fluorescent OLEDs have an EQE of around 7-10% with reds more in the 15% range. I think I’ll need to ping my friends who are more knowledgeable. Stay tuned.