Amazon’s One-Two Punch

Cult of Mac:

First, Amazon beat Apple and Google to the punch, announcing a cloud-based music locker. Now the Internet retailer says owners of its Kindle e-reader – which competes against the iPad – can avoid the New York Times’ newly-erected Paywall.

I’ve been waiting for something like Amazon’s Cloud Drive to store my photos, music, and videos online. With recent outages of cloud-based services like Gmail and Netflix there is always a concern about your data simply disappearing because of some glitch. I don’t know whether or not that’s something that we need to accept as we move increasingly more toward the cloud, but I’m assuming Amazon’s S3 datacenter is as secure as any other. There’s just one thing missing though: an iOS app.

That’s punch one. Punch two: subscribe to the New York Times on your Kindle and access the as much as you want and without any hassles. I wonder if I can do this with the Kindle app on my iPhone…