Fluorescent OLED External Quantum Efficiencies

On blue fluorescent OLED EQE I wrote:

Professor John Kieffer and graduate student Changgua Zhen doubled the external quantum efficiency of blue OLEDs from 5% to 10%.

I pinged Mark Fihn owner of Veritas et Visus about external quantum efficiencies of fluorescent OLED materials after ending up with not-so-definitive answers googling. This is what Mark said about EQEs:

The best external quantum efficiency for a green fluorescent OLED that we’ve published in our “Flexible Substrate” newsletter is 19.3%, (experimental work done out of the University of Minnesota). Red fluorescent material should yield about the same results. That said, it seems that most commercially available fluorescent OLEDs are at less than 10% in terms of external quantum efficiency. Phosphorescent OLEDs have been demonstrated at much higher external quantum efficiencies, (more than 50%).

So if professor John Kieffer and graduate student Changgua Zhen at the University of Michigan can work to commercialize 10% EQE blue fluorescent OLEDs, one major hurdle (differential aging) will be overcome and should lead to more adoption of OLED display technology.

Here’s what Ross Young, SVP, Displays, LEDs and Lighting at IMS Research has to say about Veritas et Visus:

Veritas et Visus offers the best value proposition in the industry. Nothing compares to what you are offering…

I highly recommend Mark’s Flexible Substrate newsletter as it is the best value in the business at US$47.99 for 10 issues.