Dell: iPad Not So Great For Enterprise

Andy Lark, global head of marketing for large enterprises and public organizations at Dell, via CIO:

I couldn’t be happier that Apple has created a market and built up enthusiasm but longer term, open, capable and affordable will win, not closed, high price and proprietary. [Apple has] done a really nice job, they’ve got a great product, but the challenge they’ve got is that already Android is outpacing them. Apple is great if you’ve got a lot of money and live on an island. It’s not so great if you have to exist in a diverse, open, connected enterprise; simple things become quite complex.

According to Justin Williams at carpeaqua the total number of apps for Google’s Honeycomb tablet operating system is 20. Not 20 thousand, just one more than 19.

Open? According to James Cushing at The Gadgets:

To the dismay of Android developers everywhere, Google’s Android team has announced that they will withhold the tablet OS Honeycomb’s, source code for an indefinite period of time.

I wouldn’t consider that open, would you? Enterprise? Here’s what John Paczkowski at All Things Digital has to say about the iPad and the enterprise:

Though there’s no dedicated salesforce selling it in the enterprise market, Apple’s iPad has gained significant traction there. Since its debut, more than 65 percent of the Fortune 100 have deployed or piloted the device. This despite Apple’s continued focus on the consumer market.

That’s 65 Fortune 100 companies, which I would guess have complex needs. Simple things don’t become quite complex; non-focused decision-making folks make simple things quite complex. Simple things are simply simple things, and the iPad is simple. So I take it Dell doesn’t want to sell to folks with a lot of money who live on islands?