Samsung Illegally Installs Keyloggers on Notebooks

Mohamed Hassan via CrunchGear:

The supervisor who spoke with me was not sure how this software ended up in the new laptop thus put me on hold. He confirmed that yes, Samsung did knowingly put this software on the laptop to, as he put it, “monitor the performance of the machine and to find out how it is being used.”

This software that Hassan is referring to is Star Logger located in C:\Windows\SL. Hassan found it in both the R525 and R540 notebook PCs. Star Logger is a malicious keylogger that records every key you press including usernames, passwords, social security numbers, addresses, credit card numbers, etc. If you own a Samsung computer check the directory, run a anti-malware program, and most of all be careful.

Update Samsung Tomorrow via CrunchGear:

The company states that the VIPRE security software used by the original whistleblower mistakenly reports the Microsoft Slovene language folder (c:\windows\SL) as the commercially available Starlogger keylogger.

GFI Labs, the maker of Anti-Spyware, which is the software Hassan used, apologies on its blog:

A Slovenian language directory for Windows Live is causing us considerable headaches this morning, and we have no one to blame but ourselves.

That settles it then: no keyloggers on Samsung notebooks.