AT&T Isn’t Ready for 4G

Mike Isaac at Wired:

After Texas resident Keith Geissler noticed his new Motorola Atrix wasn’t offering the fast “4G” download and upload speeds that AT&T promised, he filed a complaint to the Better Business Bureau, asking the wireless company to “uncap” his data connection.

AT&T’s response was surprising. While the company assured Geissler it “has not capped the upload speeds on the Atrix,” it did admit that the phone’s HSUPA capability — a key feature in increasing upload speeds on the Atrix as well as the new HTC Inspire 4G smartphone — will not be enabled until a later date.

AT&T markets the Motorola Atrix and the HTC Inspire 4G as 4G smartphones. The problem is that 4G hasn’t been turned on on AT&T’s network. When will it happen? Some time in April. So what do you call a business tactic that says you’ll get one thing and then delivers something else? Fraud.