Gadget Owner Personality Types

Jaymi Heimbuch at TreeHugger proposes six personality types for gadget owners: The Proud Hoarder, The In-Denial Hoarder, The Perfectionist, The Oh!Shiny!-ist, The It’s-Not-Me-It’s-Youist, and the Meh-ist. I think this description fits me:

This is someone who puts serious thought into the devices they decide to own. It’s not about the latest and greatest, or about the most expensive or difficult to find. This is about finding the exact right thing for what they need. A Perfectionist will research for weeks to find exactly what they want, be it a laptop, a camera, a cell phone — and once they find what they’re looking for, they’ll research for weeks again to get the best deal. The Perfectionist is someone who puts a whole lot of effort into getting only the best, and what’s better is that once they have it, they keep it in mint condition. Who wouldn’t, after putting that much effort into finding something? The Perfectionist personality revolves around the hunt, and pride of ownership.

The Perfectionist. I’ve been actively shedding the stuff that I’ve been accumulating for my entire life and in terms of high-tech gadgets that I use on a daily basis I’ve dwindled it down to two: iPhone 4 and MacBook Pro. Everything else must go.