HTC Arrive Review by Engadget

Chris Ziegler at Engadget:

One area while the Arrive falls short is the display: at 3.6 inches, it’s a little cramped. It’s not a problem, per se — but when you put it alongside a Samsung Focus or an HTC HD7, the difference becomes noticeable. What bugged us more than the size, though, is the quality; in an age when IPS, SLCD, and Super AMOLED displays are dominating the mid- and high-end smartphone market, the Arrive’s run-of-the-mill TFT LCD falls short. Contrast is noticeably worse than most 2011-spec handsets, and the colors immediately wash out when you tilt it to the side. It’s on par with the Surround, HD7, and EVO 4G in this regard — fine by last year’s standards, not so fine this year, particularly considering that HTC’s been using SLCD in almost everything lately from the Desire up through the Thunderbolt.

In other words the 3.6-inch LCD in the HTC Arrive is too small, comes up short, and should just leave.