iPhone 4 Better on Verizon

ChangeWave Research:

The following chart compares the reported dropped call rates of Verizon iPhone 4 owners (1.8%) vs. AT&T iPhone 4 owners (4.8%) in the current ChangeWave survey.

Overall, including all phones, dropped call rates for AT&T was 4.6% in March 2011; Verizon was just 1.4%. The iPhone 4 seems to be below average when it comes to dropped calls.

ChangeWave Research has been tracking this type of information since September 2008 and there are two very obvious trends. One, AT&T has always had higher dropped call rates compared to Verizon. The closest it has ever gotten was back in September 2008 with a rate of 3.6% versus Verizon’s 2.7%, and the difference has gotten wider ever since with only one exception: December 2010 where the difference was just 3.0%, shrinking from a difference of 4.2% the month prior. Second, the trend for AT&T’s dropped call rates have been increasing while Verizon’s have been on a decline.

Clearly AT&T has offered its customers a declining experience in terms of dropped call rates since September 2008. And only recently, since December 2010, has it done something to reverse the trend. Why December? Probably because the iPhone 4 was due to be available on Verizon in just two short months. Competition is good. Another reason why AT&T’s purchase of T-Mobile should be blocked.