Toshiba 55ZL1: Pro-LED512 LCD Panel with 3072 LEDs


Separating Toshiba from the competition is a slew of new technology and the top of the line 55ZL1 model checks all the boxes: Seven core CEVO CPU for image processing, a Pro-LED512 panel that is the world’s first with 512 zones of dimming among 3,072 LEDs, Personal-TV facial recognition that picks up on which user is watching then personalizes to their preferred settings and active shutter 3D glasses.

The Toshiba 55ZL1 would have been better off without 3D technology in my opinion, but the 3072 LEDs in the LED backlight is impressive along with the 512 zones. The trend is toward more LEDs for finer tuning of brightness and the 55ZL1 from Toshiba is at the head of the pack. The end game: one LED per pixel.