Acer Iconia 6120 Touchbook Review

Rich Jaroslovsky at Bloomberg:

Typing on the glass takes some getting used to, though it wasn’t nearly as difficult as I had expected. I could adjust the size of the function keys, and by angling the screen was able to find comfortable typing positions in a variety of situations. My biggest problem wasn’t with the keyboard but with the trackpad, which is so small that my finger kept sliding past its virtual edges.

The much larger 14-inch glass keyboard on the Touchbook would no doubt be much easier to type on than a 9.7-inch one on the iPad. I’ve tried on the original iPad and it was too narrow to touch type in landscape mode and too wide to thumb type in portrait orientation. Now the one thing I didn’t experience is instant feedback:

While there’s no tactile feedback when you land on a virtual key, as there is on some smartphones, you can hear an audible “click.” It’s a nice idea, except that there is a noticeable lag between hitting the key and hearing the sound.

Laggy? On an Intel i5-driven full-blown laptop? Inexcusable. Next!