Cheaper LED Backlights in 2011


LEDinside indicated that profit margin of LED backlight products is believed to remain small in 2011 and the current market price quotes could go down further. The LED purchase orders have increased since March and the extent of the price decrease is expected to shrink. Moreover, many LED manufacturers increased their capacities in the second half of the year and the low-end backlight specification has been modified as the Chinese LED enterprises’ technology skills on chip and package manufacturing have improved. It is estimated that some backlight products will experience even fiercer price competition in the future.

Overall lower LED backlights prices thanks to a potential over-supply and lower-end specifications. Cheaper displays with LED backlights will help quicken the transition away from mercury-laden CFL technology. I used to like cheap, cheap, cheap, but now I’m beginning to prefer stuff that has higher quality and last longer. I’m willing to pay a bit more for them, too.