Philips Lumileds Luxeon S LED: No More Hot Testing or Binning

Philips Lumileds:

Hot Testing and Binning describes the process by which Lumileds tests, targets, and specifies Illumination Grade LEDs. For LUXEON S, this means testing the product at 85°C which is the typical junction temperatures in an actual application. At this temperature, the company can provide accurate information about how LUXEON S will perform in the application. In addition, from a color perspective, it completely removes the need to understand, calculate, and adjust for color shift over temperature because the LED is already specified at the use temperature.

Freedom From Binning literally means that there are no color bin selections to be made. In the case of LUXEON S, this means that today, customers can select a correlated color temperature of 3000K and know that every LED, at real world operating conditions, will provide high quality white light (CRI>80) within a 3 step MacAdam Ellipse centered on the black body curve. The ability to target this level of color performance is unique to LUXEON LEDs and means the lighting industry can access unmatched uniformity and consistency within the light beam and between emitters.

This is exciting news and will improve the supply chain efficiency of products that make use of LEDs. No longer will the long, arduous, and inefficient hot testing and binning procedures slow down LED integration.