Smartphones Overtake Featurephones in Japan

Serkan Toto at MobileCrunch:

Revolution in mobile-crazy Japan: Market research firm GFK Japan is reporting that more smartphones than feature phones have been sold in the country between March 28 and April 3. To be more concrete, 50.1% of all devices sold in Japan in that week were iOS, Android, Windows or BlackBerry phones.

Apps augment smartphone capabilities in so many ways it is almost unlimited. I no longer have a separate digital camera. Yes, a dedicated camera would generate better photos but there is no way for me to apply filters and share with my friends as easily as I do with my iPhone 4. I also don’t have to worry about carrying an additional gadget, which requires recharging (another power adapter), and to offload the photos to a computer I need to go through a different set of procedures. To me the iPhone allows me to do many things through apps, but without the complications. Unless you desire a simplified digital life and/or do not care to spend additional money on data connectivity there really is little reason not to get a smartphone.